Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life is Funny

First, a funny story. On Monday Big Papa was going to pick the Goob and I up from school. He called while I was still in rehearsal so I couldn't pick up and couldn't call him back until I emerged from the depths of the basement of the fine arts building. I figured he was waiting at our normal pick up spot. I got there and saw our car, but no him. I tried calling again... and again... and again, but no luck. I wheeled Goober and I back inside, thinking I'd see him there. No luck again. I went back outside but this time the car was gone! After calling a few more times, I finally got ahold of Big Papa. We had been chasing each other around the school for about 15 minutes. He got to our pick up spot and then when I didn't pick up, decided to come inside and find me. He was going down the stairs to the basement while I was going up the elevator. Then when I went back inside he went upstairs to another rehearsal room, then went back to the car. He had just left when I went back outside. Silly us!!!

Now, for some funny pictures.

The flash was a little too bright.

Watching TV already... does this make me a bad mother?

It's super cold today, but she's so bundled up she can't move!

Even without her coat, she wasn't too happy.


  1. If her watching makes TV you a bad Mom than I am too cause her cousin loves TV

  2. I love her little grumpy face in the last picture. She is such a diva. But CUTE in that hat!

  3. Bah! She's so cute! As for the TV watching, you're giving her tummy time while she does it and that makes you an EXCELLENT mommy! And such a multi-tasker too! I can never get Hyrum to do tummy time without screaming...maybe he will appreciate it someday. Like how someday he'll appreciate that I change his bum, and that I bathe him, and that I help him sleep...