Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I Love Today

Book Babies at the library: This was our first trip to the library for their story time geared towards babies under 12 months old. Goobie and I had such a fun time singing songs, clapping our hands, and hearing stories. I don't think that she quite got it all, but she loved seeing all the other babies and seeing a new place. I loved seeing other moms and catching up with some friends! We will definitely be doing this every week!

Goober's new friend -- my in-law's dog Ivan: He's been pretty jealous of our sweet baby since she was born -- he wines and tries to get everyone's attention when we're over. But yesterday during our weekly trip to do laundry I put the Goob on a play blanket on the floor. This blanket it pretty fun because it has flaps, shiny objects, and squeaky things to play with sewn right into the fabric. Ivan believes that anything squeaky is his, so he came over and tried to play with it. While he smelled the squeaky part of the blanket, Goobie reached up and touched his nose. Ivan was so patient and let her touch him for a while. After that, they are now great pals!

It's almost 3:00 and Goober is having her 2nd nap!!! Yes!!!

That my daughter is not scared when I practice singing: I have had this little fear since I found out that I was pregnant that my children would think my singing was scary. This may sound ridiculous, but other opera singers even scare me sometimes, so how would my sweet, innocent children handle it?!? But now, every time I practice, Goobie gets a big smile on her face. She loves my warm-ups especially -- lip buzzes, funny tongue stretches -- she thinks they are great! I think her favorite songs are the ones with runs -- "Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion" from the Messiah is always a hit. Even recordings of opera singers make her smile. I put her in her bouncer chair today while I listened to a recording and she bounced and smiled. Too cute.

Nutella: I love the commercial where a Mom talks about how it's a "great way to get my kids to eat a healthy breakfast". Umm, sure... chocolate hazelnut spread is healthy... That's what I think every time I slather it on my toast in the morning.

My husband: Big Papa decided to officially accept a law school this week (We'll do a full post about that later). I am so proud of him. He has worked hard to be successful in college and because of that is going to a top notch school with a full scholarship. He knows that getting a law degree is hard work but cannot wait to get started. I also love how much he enjoys his internship. The lawyers he is working for are fantastic and are giving him so many opportunities to learn. He comes home so excited to tell me what he did that day. Who knew doing legal research was so thrilling!?!

Trying to sell our apartment contract: This normally would stress me out, but we have a lot of people coming to see it and so it forces us to keep the apartment clean. I love having a clean apartment. It makes me happy. Really happy :-)

Fitting into another pre-baby shirt: VICTORY!!!

And finally, that it is FRIDAY!!!


  1. Congrats on the scholarship!

    We're lucky in the fact that we only have to pay a fee to get out of our contract. We're not responsible to find other renters.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Happy list! I'm glad that you like having an excuse to clean. It makes me very happy to know you'll be here this summer to help me keep things clean. :)

    Love Ya

  3. What a fantastic list of things you love! We'll need to come do Book Babies with you here sometime soon. I read about it in some of the plethora of information I got about community resources and it looks like so much fun! And I don't have pedagogy for the next two weeks so maybe Mommy will get her hiney out of bed a little earlier to get us all ready to join you!