Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day in the Life

As another little intro into this blog, I thought I would post what happens on a pretty normal day for us. Part of our survival plan for law school is prioritizing and trying to find balance, so it will be fun/interesting/revealing to see what I really do all day. Here we go!

5:28 am -- Our little Goob wakes up. I go in to see if she wants to eat and find her sucking her thumb. I go back to sleep
5:32 am -- Goob really cries this time. Time to feed her. I watch "Chic Cooking" on the food network. I can see why it's programmed for 5:30 am.
6:00 am -- I put Goob back in her crib and try to go back to sleep
7:30 am -- Alarm goes off
7:42 am -- I get out of bed. Read my scriptures. Big Papa gets ready for the day.
8:01 am -- Big Papa and I rejoice that our loan/grant money has finally come in! We can by groceries now!!!
8:20 am -- I make myself some oatmeal and get Big Papa some cereal.
8:30 am -- Kiss Big Papa goodbye as he leaves for his first class.
9:00 am -- Goob wakes up. Diaper change. We look at the baby in the mirror then eat again. 
9:15 am -- Time to pump a little so I can go to a workshop in the city tomorrow.
9:45-10:20 am -- I buy diapers with a great coupon and start pricing out our future move. Didn't realize how much gas moving trucks take. Ouch. Goob plays in her jumper and on her play mat, turning herself around a lot.
10:28 am -- Bath time! I wish I had brought my camera today. She's being so cute with her rubber ducky.
11:00 am -- Goob eats again
11:30 am -- Goob gets cuddly. Nap time? Do I do my yoga tape now or shower? Decisions, decisions.
12:15 pm -- no nap for the Goob, but she plays happily on a blanket while I get ready
12:20 pm -- Big Papa gets home for a quick lunch.
12:45 pm -- Big Papa leaves for his internship.
12:50 pm -- Put a piece of fish in the oven for my lunch. Get the little Goob comfy on the bed with her Sophie so I can practice
1:10 pm -- Talk to a guy trying to get my business at his auto shop. Tell him no thank you.
1:20 pm -- lunch for me!
1:30 pm -- lunch for Goobie!
Ready for our trip to the mailbox!
2:45 pm -- Goobie and I read/eat a story book.
2:59 pm -- I try and suck out some boogers from her nose with the bulb syringe. She gets mad.
3:00 pm -- we play on her play mat and look at pictures of her daddy on the computer. She smiles again!
4:00 pm -- I get a craving a make a small batch of poppy chow. Probably should have exercised...
4:45 pm -- Goobie and I go check the mail. Just bill = Boring!
5:00 pm -- Ok, confession time. I've been watching "Gilmore Girls" since 3. I was just going to watch one episode when I fed Goobie but it escalated into more. I think I'd better do something more productive so when Big Papa gets home he will be impressed.... ;-)
5:20 pm -- Big Papa gets home!!! Hooray!!!
6:00 pm -- We go out as a family for dinner at a new pizza place. We get the chicken pesto and the Hawaiian with caramelized pineapple (very yummy).
7:00 pm -- We go on a search for some slacks so Big Papa will look presentable at his internship (both pairs he had got stained/ripped in the past week). We end up going to two different malls but are successful at JCPenneys.
9:00 pm -- Home in time to feed the Goob one more time before bed. We watched the chefs on "Chopped" use brains and fish heads... very interesting.
9:30 pm -- Bed time for the Goobie girl!

Diaper stats: 5 poopy diapers today but NO blowouts!!! Victory!

It wasn't a terrible day, but it wasn't amazing either. I'd really like to get a work out in and read my scriptures, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. By the end of the day I got really stir crazy; going to check the mail got me excited. I need to plan some more outings -- a morning walk, weekly trips to the library, trips to the park when there is good weather. It is way too easy to stay cooped up in our apartment all day and watch Hulu. But doing that makes me cranky, so I've got to make an effort.


  1. You're right. Watching mindless TV shows (even on Hulu is a perfect way to create a cranky came up with some good options; Walks, Outings, Create a Hobby, Call a friend, Call a Gramma. You'll figure it out. You're smart that way.

    Maybe Big Poppa need to buy Toughskins from Sears so his pants will last longer :D

  2. Well, he has had those pants for almost 3 years so they were dying anyway... But he probably should anyway ;)