Monday, January 10, 2011

Law School Widow

Whenever I tell someone about our plans to go to law school, I usually get two reactions: mild congratulations and pity. They tell me to kiss my husband goodbye for three years and to get comfy being a "single parent" or a "law school widow". While we are becoming increasingly aware of the demands law school requires, we can't help but hope to find a balance between school and family life that will keep us close.

This blog will chronicle our life during the next three years. We want to share what we do to keep ourselves healthy, happy, and connected. Now, we aren't studying torts, making tortes, or playing with a toddler yet, but we will very soon. For these first few months we will be posting about our path to get to law school -- creating those habits that we want to keep once we get in the thick of it. Then, come fall we will begin our new adventure!


  1. We are in the same boat, although fewer people seem to understand the mechanics of physical therapy school. We're hoping we can develop some good habits to carry us through the next few years, especially in regards to FHE and date night. Which law school did you guys decide on?

  2. We're all but decided on University of Iowa. We've only heard back from 6 out of 15 schools, but we've been given a very generous offer from them that makes the other schools we're waiting on not seem as great. We are super excited! It sounds like you guys have some great options as well!

  3. Please let us know what you guys do as that would help us also!