Sunday, February 6, 2011

Law School, Here We Come!

Big Papa, here, announcing our official acceptance of an offer to study law at University of Iowa Law School! We're excited to head to the Midwest for our next adventure, and I, for one, am curious to see if Iowa is anything like its depiction in The Music Man. From what I understand, the town River City as showcased in the musical is the same as Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa. Furthermore, I remember watching the movie musical as a child and listening to the opening number- "You really ought to give Iowa a try..." Could it be that I was destined from a young age to do just that? Subliminal influences or no, our little family is about to Give Iowa a Try.

I've been keeping busy this semester a legal internship with a local firm, and it's been very interesting to finally get an inside look at the life of an attorney. I was lucky to be "adopted" by one of the partners at the firm who graduated from U of Iowa Law eight or so years ago. Not only is he eager to give me plenty of advice on how to succeed at the school, but he's put me to work on real cases drafting documents, doing research, and running odd errands now and again.

My favorite job so far was actually on my first day, when I showed up in a shirt and tie, and the partner asked me to come upstairs with him--he needed me for a very important task. Next thing I know, I'm helping a couple of guys from accounting tilt a half-ton, eight-foot safe onto a dolly. His big plan was to move the monstrosity down the somewhat shaky stairs onto his truck in the parking lot. The stairway was not only unsteady but also narrow, and I knew that I was not going to be the one leading the widow-maker safe down the stairs. I was relieved when my boss realized no one was comfortable with the task, and even more so when someone popped up from downstairs telling him that the safe didn't even belong to the firm, and that the real owner was wondering why he was taking the safe without paying for it. Aside from the boss' frustration that his prior agreement had been forgotten with the owner, all the would be safe-movers felt much safer. I was glad to hear that the next few assignments I'd be given were much less likely to give me a hernia.


  1. Congratulations and Welcome to Iowa! This is Alyson (high school band friend of Cheesecake Momma's)

    I studied at ISU for 4 years and am now settled in Marshalltown (about 2 hrs west of IA City).

    Iowa is a lovely place with very friendly people (somewhat unlike those River Citizens) I have also gotten used to the non-traffic concept. This is most likely different in the IC - it's one of IA's top ten cities in population!

    From what I've experienced, Iowa City has more of an 'urban' campus. There is lots to do in the area, so I'm sure you won't get bored!

    If y'all ever need anything (even a somewhat familiar face or double date) when you move over, let me know, I'm not too far :)

    Congratulations again!

  2. Yea! Congrats:) Love the updates, keep us posted. It was great hearing from Big Papa!

  3. Yay for Iowa! You guys are going to be a blessing to the ward/community wherever you go. They're sure lucky to get you!!!

  4. Trouble . . . right here in River City!