Friday, June 10, 2011

Garage Sale, Tissues, Cell Phones, and Beach Boys

Looking a little nervous surrounded by so many animals!
Part of the deal we made with my folks when they offered to let us stay with them this summer was that we would be in charge of a few garage sales.We had a smaller garage sale last month and sold a lot, but were hoping to sell the majority of the things at the neighborhood garage sale this past weekend. After having three kids, two wedding receptions, and moving a few times, there was a lot of stuff to sell. Tons of books, piles of stuffed animals, and lots and lots of vases. I think the only truly shocking thing we discovered amid our sorting was how many candles and candle holders my mom owned -- and she can't even smell, she just LOVES candles.

Now that the sale is over and pretty much everything left has been donated, we've been able to relax a bit more. Our Goober has been doing some cute new tricks and dazzling us with her spunky personality. It's fun to see her go down to the basement with me and start playing with my old dolls. When she sees them after not playing with them for awhile she gasps and gets a big smile on her face. She's too cute.

Although she does love her dolls, Goobie prefers another toy. Sometimes we forget to close the doors to this big cabinet/wardrobe thing (we call it a shrank -- it's German), and so the little Goober explores what's inside. Instead of looking at different things though, she always goes for the little travel packs of kleenex. She carries them around and plays with them. Big Papa even wrote a song called "Me and My Pack of Tissues," though we can't remember it now -- so sad, it could have been big. I didn't worry about her eating them until I discovered the remains of one of her tissue friends all over her crib. Poor little pack of tissues! 

And now, for your viewing pleasure: Two short films.

1. Singing along.

2. Chatting on her "phone".

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