Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hungry, Hungry, Goober

Lovin' dinner time!
Our little Goober loves to eat. I've known that about her since she was just two days old, which for me, a new to nursing mommy, meant a really long night of soreness and pinching pain. But we figured that whole thing out and she became a nursing champion. For her first six months of life she only had breast milk and would eat every two hours during the day. She gained weight super well and would get lots of compliments on her "comfy" physique.

Once we added solids, I worried because she just wasn't interested. Rice cereal -- yuck! Pureed peas -- blech. But, we eventually got her eating sweet potatoes, green beans, and yummy pureed fruits to great success. Now, as a nine, almost ten month old, she won't touch the pre-mashed baby food, preferring to eat "big-girl foods". This is just fine with me -- she has eight teeth and can handle a little chew/mash action, and saves us money not having to buy all those jars! Some of her favorite foods are:
Oh, and did I mention she loves mashed potatoes?

-- frozen peas
-- cooked carrots
-- cottage cheese
-- yogurt
-- turkey
-- oatmeal with cinnamon-sugar
-- bananas
-- popsicles
-- animal crackers
-- and of course: cheerios

Finger lickin' good!

Today was a particularly adventurous food day. I made a blackberry and blueberry smoothie for a mid-morning snack and thought I'd give her a taste. I used my straw to ladle some of it into her mouth, but she just latched right on to it and sucked it all out. At that point Goobie and I just took turns sipping our yummy smoothie from the straw (so cute). Then for lunch, Grandma spoiled us with a trip to Panera Bread. I figured I'd just get her some bread or give her pieces of the meat from my sandwich, but we decided to be brave and order her some mac n' cheese. She LOVED it.

I love that my little Goob loves to eat, but it's hard to tell when she's full. She swallows her food then opens up her little mouth like a baby bird ready for the next bite. Today, I knew that she shouldn't be eating the whole bowl of macaroni since it's portioned for a 3-4 year old, but she just kept asking for more! Her eyes are definitely bigger than her stomach.
"Mom! Do you like see food?"


  1. These pictures are too cute! She's darling! Don't worry Jackson has the same problem, sometimes he eats more than I do, but he's okay in the weight department and he eats healthy so I figure it can't hurt too much! =)

  2. She needs to tell her cousin how to eat better, he likes food but eating takes to much time and he'd rather be ripping the house apart!

  3. Too cute! Sounds like you've got a very healthy girl who loves food! Gosh, she is SO cute!